Dr. Bob is the founder, designer, and owner of The JogTunes Group. As a casual runner who enjoys running to music, he realized that it's more fun and motivating to run to songs with tempos that exactly match his running pace. The problem was finding songs that matched his cadence. He learned that the only way to determine the beats-per-minute of songs in his jazz collection is to calculate them himself, "by hand", using a BPM calculator program. Automated BPM calculators are not reliable enough, especially when there is no strong bass beat in a song.

He then realized that other runners might also enjoy what he calls music-paced running. Being somewhat of a computer geek, Dr. Bob decided to launch jogtunes.com. It wasn't long before the site's visitor numbers increased rapidly and access was worldwide. It became clear that the concept of BPM running was gaining in popularity.

A podcast was a logical next step in bringing runnable music to the masses. For this reason, and also to promote independent artists, Dr. Bob started the JogTunes Indie Podcast. And, like jogtunes.com, the show quickly gained in popularity in the US and internationally..

It soon became apparent that the tunes and playlists on jogtunes.com readily lend themselves to other forms of exercise. Dr. Bob began encouraging people to try walking, aquarunning, indoor cycling, stair stepping, elliptical, and even swimming to the tunes on our list and his podcast. He also added more pages to the website that give advice about these other music-paced exercise activities.

Well that's the story. We hope you find music-paced exercise as enjoyable, exhilarating, and motivating as we all do in the JogTunes Group. Please feel free to offer suggestions, comments, and new signed and indie songs for us to add to our master lists, playlists and podcast. You can send them by email to comments at jogtunes.com.


The Mission of the JogTunes Group is to promote the unique blend of music and exercise that involves matching the tempo of music to the pace of the workout. We call this music-paced exercise. Many people have independently found that working out exactly to the beat is inspiring, motivating, and fun. We're convinced that, as people discover the enjoyment of music-paced exercise, they will be more likely to start working out and enjoying the benefits of regular exercise.

We're also dedicated to the promotion of the great artists who are producing the huge panoply of indie music. Many people work out to music. We believe that our indie music listings and music-paced workout podcast provide a perfect opportunity for people to discover these new artists.


Affiliate commissions from tune purchases help to support us in our mission. You can also help us by donating here. A PayPal account is not required.

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