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Tune Artist Album Genre Time BPM iTunes Amazon
So Alive Jon WorthyOnly a DreamAlternative00:04:24164So Alive
Our World MasterPhoreinSingle TrackReggae00:04:01164
TaxesCaleb DelpKeep it up, Good JobAlternative00:02:36161Taxes
Shine the LightsPhoreinSingle TrackReggae00:03:51150Shine the Lights
Bright Lights Cold HandsMichael TrewWaiting in the WingsRock00:02:41146Bright Lights Cold Hands
For So LongElstowPlanets AwayAlternative00:06:29159For so Long
Can't Stop Loving YouJamie Porter BandSonic SmileRock00:03:20180Can't Stop Loving You
Zebulon (feat. Matt Douglas)Jon LindsayZebulonRock00:04:02170Zebulon (feat. Matt Douglas)
Dirty GameSecret ShineThere is Only NowIndie Rock00:04:09170Dirty Game
When They Broke The WorldJohn LindsayCities & SchoolsRock00:03:23161When They Broke the World
Sleep in DisguiseKudzuDefeatedAlternative00:03:11161
Shallow PoolCupHiccupAlternative00:02:18161Shallow Pool
Blown AwayJapan Suicide Santa SangreAlternative00:03:15158
West SierraThe DecreesSons of RageAlternative00:03:56155West Sierra
I'm Not Running AwayJamie Porter BandSonic SmileRock00:04:57160I'm Not Running Away
Lay It On MeJamie Porter BandSonic SmileRock00:03:44180Lay It on Me
The Color of Love is BlueThe VeldtThanks to the Moth and Areanna RoseAlternative00:03:22177The Color of Love Is Blue
The Last TrainJamie Porter Band Sonic SmileRock00:04:10176The Last Train
DakiniThe VeldtThanks to the Moth and Areanna RoseAlternative00:03:52170Dakini
Black and BlueThe VeldtThanks to the Moth and Areanna Rose Alternative00:02:53169Black and Blue
Hey HeyFake Billy And The False ProphetsSingle TrackIndie Rock00:01:36167Hey Hey
GraceThe Fireflys GraceAlternative00:03:46160Grace
A Girl Like YouJamie Porter Band Sonic SmileRock00:04:33156A Girl Like You
EpisodesThe DivideSingle TrackRock00:03:30145Episodes
DividedThe Rumble Skulls Single TrackRock00:03:02145Divided
Bille LeeFake Billy And The False ProphetsSingle TrackIndie Rock00:03:04164Billy Lee
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