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Tune Artist Album Genre Time BPM iTunes Amazon
Clouded SkyThe Natural CurveSingle TrackPop00:07:52152
The Beating (Explicit - Radio Safe on Show)Matthew Ebel Cognitive DissonanceRock00:03:29151The Beating [Explicit]
Magic WordAnalogue Revolution Single Track00:03:38151
Broken DoorsGiuseppe D'Alonzo Single TrackPop00:04:02144Broken Doors
Shine Your LifePapa SatchSingle TrackRock00:03:24147
AnhedoniaDan O'Farrell & The Difference EngineDan O'Farrell & The Difference EngineAlternative00:03:06156Anhedonia
Shallow WaterPapa SatchSo Far til NowRock00:03:26177Shallow Water
Nobody Own YouScott WalkerSingle TrackDrum and Bass00:03:28170
Hang OnPapa SatchNo Fall DownRock00:02:58163Hang On
Just For TodayHightown PiratesDry and HighRock00:06:12165Just for Today
If and When (Say I Will)Pullman Standard Single TrackRock00:04:10165
Let It GoBenn Cutarelli Single TrackInstrumental00:03:07163
You Never KnowSydney ValetteSingle TrackNew Wave00:03:35155
Stand At NightPapa SatchNo Fall DownRock00:03:08150
CrashPapa SatchNo Fall DownRock00:02:54150Crash
Oh SaraPapa SatchSo Far 'til NowRock00:04:23145Oh Sara
Im Your Ghost ClifffsBill, Youre Only HumanAlternative00:02:29164Im Your Ghost
TrainsClifffsBill, You're Only HumanAlternative00:02:38145Trains
Little Rag DollSunshine & the RainIn The Darkness Of My NightRock00:03:48159Little Rag Doll
Talk to YuDizzy DussSingle TrackHip Hop/Rap00:02:50178Talk To Yu
RiversMid AirNever FarAlternative00:04:16175Rivers
CrashClifffsBill, You're Only HumanAlternative00:02:23175Crash
Let's GoSunshine & the RainIn The Darkness Of My NightRock00:03:05172Let's Go
Calling YouAngels CutHeads or TailsRock00:03:24170
Take Me Out AgainSunshine & the Rain In The Darkness Of My NightRock00:03:40165Take Me out Again
Jimmy MonetClifffsBill, You're Only Human Alternative00:01:26159Jimmy Monet
One More DayAngels CutHeads or TailsRock00:04:15158
The Test RunClifffsBill, You're Only Human Alternative00:02:02151The Test Run
I'm Not Your GirlSunshine & the RainIn The Darkness Of My NightRock00:03:44146I'm Not Your Girl
Kathy's EyesDave Wright The Handkerchief Lady Pop00:05:03142Kathy's Eyes
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