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Playlist Title: Beastie Boys (and More) Cadenced Sport Mix
Genre: Alternative/Hip-Hop/Rap

Duration: 00:31:36   Approx. Distance: 2.8 miles   

This is a fun sport mix for music-paced running fans who enjoy Beastie Boys and Gorillaz with a bit of The Wiseguys. It's a 31.6 minute run. The warm-up walks at 97 BPM. It builds to a peak run at 182 and cools down at 98.

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Tune Artist Album Genre Time BPM Links to iTunes Amazon MP3 Downloads
No Sleep Till BrooklynBeastie BoysLicensed to IllHip-Hop/Rap00:04:0697ôLink
All AloneGorillazDemon DaysAlternative/Elect.00:03:30150ôLink
November Has ComeGorillazDemon DaysAlternative00:02:45170ôLink
ExperienceThe WiseguysThe AntidoteHip-Hop/Rap00:05:14179ôLink
DedicationBeastie BoysHello NastyHip-Hop/Rap00:02:32182ôLink
ElectrifyBeastie BoysHello NastyHip-Hop/Rap00:02:22178ôLink
Dr. Lee, PhDThe Beastie BoysHello NastyHip-Hop/Rap00:04:50172ôLink
Clint EastwoodGorillazGorillazHip-Hop/Rap00:03:44169ôLink