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Playlist Title: All Beck Cadenced Sport Mix
Genre: Alternative

Duration: 00:31:18   Approx. Distance: 2.8 miles presents this all Beck BPM-labeled sport mix for music-paced running. Beck's latest album, Guero, provides 5 of the 8 tunes. Older albums are the source of the other three. This is a fun 31 minute run with a warm-up and cool-down walks in the 90s and a comfortable peak BPM of 176. Hotwax is kind of hip/hop at about 87 but should be run doubletime at 174. Tropicalia has a slightly syncopated rhythm but you should pick up the 165 cadence with minimal effort.

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Tune Artist Album Genre Time BPM Links to iTunes Amazon MP3 Downloads
Hell YesBeckGueroAlternative00:03:1797ôLink
Farewell RideBeckGueroAlternative00:04:18163ôLink
Beautiful WayBeckMidnite VulturesAlternative00:05:37176ôLink