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Playlist Title: Scissor Sisters Plus - A Pop/Rock BPM-Labeled Mix
Genre: Pop/Rock

Duration: 00:29:48   Approx. Distance: 2.5 miles   

Scissor Sisters, Sheryl Crow, and The Donnas provide us with some great songs for running to the beat (music-paced running). presents this fun playlist with a warm-up tune at 154 beats-per-minute, running songs that peak at 184, and a cool-down track that returns to 154 again.

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Tune Artist Album Genre Time BPM Links to iTunes Amazon MP3 Downloads
Music Is the VictimScissor SistersScissor SistersPop00:02:57154ôLink
Take Your Mama (Explicit)Scissor SistersScissor SistersPop00:04:32156ôLink
Leaving Las VegasSheryl CrowTuesday Night Music ClubRock00:05:09162ôLink
Steve McQueenSheryl CrowC'Mon C'comRock00:03:25172ôLink
Laura (Explicit)Scissor SistersScissor SistersPop00:03:38184ôLink
Too Bad About Your GirlThe DonnasSpend the NightRock00:02:49163ôLink
Take It Off (Mildly Explicit)The DonnasSpend the Night (In Japan: Charmed; The Book of Shadows - Original TV Soundtrack)Rock00:02:39159ôLink
Let's Get FreeSheryl CrowThe Very Best of Sheryl Crow -UK Bonus Track (In US: Album called "Exclusive")Rock00:04:43154ôLink