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Playlist Title: McCartney and Springsteen Rock for Running
Genre: Rock

Duration: 00:38:24   Approx. Distance: 3.5 miles presents another BPM sequenced playlist for a perfect 38 minute run. It features two living legends and their recent albums. The tunes have been selected for warm-up, full run, and cool-down segments. The sequence provides a cool-down at the 26 minute mark followed by another 7 minutes of running before the final 3 minute cool-down. You can find the sequence, BPM info, other details, and other great running music and playlists at Please note that the iMix and Rhapsody free-play log for this playlist contains 2 more songs for a longer run: "Old Dan Tucker" by Springsteen and "That Was Me" by McCartney.

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Tune Artist Album Genre Time BPM Links to iTunes Amazon MP3 Downloads
Long Time Comin'Bruce Springsteen & The Sessions BandLive In DublinRock00:04:48121ôLink
How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and LiveBruce Springsteen & The Sessions BandLive In DublinRock00:03:20142ôLink
GratitudePaul McCartneyMemory Almost Full (Double Disc Version)Rock00:03:18160ôLink
In PrivatePaul McCartneyMemory Almost Full (Double Disc Version)Rock00:02:08171ôLink
Love of the Common PeopleBruce Springsteen & The Sessions BandLive In DublinRock00:04:39178ôLink
Nod Your HeadPaul McCartneyMemory Almost Full (Double Disc Version)Rock00:01:58181ôLink
Pay Me My Money DownBruce Springsteen & The Sessions BandLive In DublinRock00:05:59158ôLink
Vintage ClothesPaul McCartneyMemory Almost Full (Double Disc Version)Rock00:02:22125ôLink
Mr. BellamyPaul McCartneyMemory Almost Full (Double Disc Version)Rock00:03:39153ôLink
Dance TonightPaul McCartneyMemory Almost Full (Double Disc Version)Rock00:02:55172ôLink
See Your SunshinePaul McCartneyMemory Almost Full (Double Disc Version)Rock00:03:19103ôLink