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Playlist Title: Radiohead and More - An All British BPM-Paced Workout
Genre: Alternative/Rock

Duration: 00:55:48   Approx. Distance: 5.0 miles   

This BPM-sequenced workout features all Brits and mostly alternative tunes, including paced tunes from Radiohead's latest album. It's 56 minutes of invigorating, motivating tracks, ordered for warming up to an easy jog at 145, peaking at 179, and cooling down to a pleasant walk at 112 BPM.

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Tune Artist Album Genre Time BPM Links to iTunes Amazon MP3 Downloads
The Gift That Keeps GivingSuper Furry AnimalsHey Venus!Alternative00:03:22145ôLink
Hello SunshineSuper Furry AnimalsPhantom PowerAlternative00:03:35149ôLink
Brothers and SistersColdplayTrouble (B-Sides) - EPAlternative00:04:49154 ôLink
All I NeedRadioheadIn RainbowsAlternative00:03:48178ôLink
Weird Fishes / ArpeggiRadioheadIn RainbowsAlternative00:05:18154ôLink
I Predict a RiotKaiser ChiefsEmploymentAlternative00:03:53160ôLink
BodysnatchersRadioheadIn RainbowsAlternative00:04:02170ôLink
Two More Years (Single Version)Bloc PartyTwo More Years / Hero - SingleAlternative00:04:27158ôLink
Oh My GodKaiser ChiefsEmploymentAlternative00:03:34179ôLink
Can't Stand Me NowThe LibertinesThe LibertinesAlternative00:03:23161ôLink
Jigsaw Falling Into PlaceRadioheadIn RainbowsAlternative00:04:08166ôLink
Everyday I Love You Less and LessKaiser ChiefsEmploymentAlternative00:03:39160ôLink
Dancing ShoesArctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not (In Japan: Rhythms del Mundo: Cuba)Alternative00:02:23147ôLink
House of CardsRadioheadIn RainbowsAlternative00:05:28112ôLink