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Playlist Title: All British, All Women, All Pop - Perfect for BPM Running
Genre: Pop

Duration: 00:43:00   Approx. Distance: 4.0 miles   

The JogTunes Group presents five great British female pop vocalists in a BPM sequenced playlist for matching the beat with your running pace. The warm-up and cool-down are in the 130s and the maximum pace is 179. There's also an extra walking pace tune at 129 by Lily Allen.

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Tune Artist Album Genre Time BPM Links to iTunes Amazon MP3 Downloads
RemedyLittle BootsRemedy Single (UK, IRE: Hands)Pop00:03:19130ôLinkRemedy (Album Version)
BrokenLeona LewisEcho (Deluxe Version in UK, IRE)Pop00:04:02139ôLinkBroken
Shame for You (May be explicit)Lily AllenAlright, StillPop00:04:06151
Chasing PavementsADELE19Pop00:03:30162ôLinkChasing Pavements
AliveLeona LewisEcho (Deluxe Version in UK, IRE)Pop00:03:29173ôLinkAlive
Cheryl Tweedy (Explicit)Lily AllenSmile - EP (US, CAN) Alright, Still (Deluxe) (JAPAN, UK, IRE) Pop00:03:15173ôLinkCheryl Tweedy [Explicit]
MeddleLittle BootsHands (In US: Arecibo - EP, In CAN: Little Boots - EP)Pop00:03:16170ôLinkMeddle
You Don't CareLeona LewisEchoPop00:04:03161ôLinkYou Don't Care
HappyLeona LewisEcho (Happy EP in Japan) (Deluxe Version in UK, IRE)Pop00:04:01153ôLinkHappy
22 (Explicit)Lily AllenIt's Not Me, It's YouPop00:03:06129ôLinkCheryl Tweedy [Explicit]