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Playlist Title: Rock Your Run - New for 2015
Genre: Rock/Alternative

Duration: 00:36:46   Approx. Distance: 3.3 miles   

The JogTunes Group presents new rock and alternative tracks for 2015 -- 10 great tunes that are guaranteed to motivate. They're sequenced from an easy walk at 117 BPM to a peak run of 181, and back on down to a cool-down, brisk walk at 123. Follow the list's sequence, arrange the tracks any way you want, or combine the tunes with others to make your own personal playlist. This playlist has some fast-paced tracks. Be sure you're in shape for those speeds. If you're a casual runner, consider limiting your workouts to the slower tunes, or run the fast tracks at a shorter stride and/or a slower pace. And please remember, BPMs refer to steps-per-minute, not your heart rate.

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Tune Artist Album Genre Time BPM Links to iTunes Amazon MP3 Downloads
War Child [Explicit]Hollywood UndeadDay of the Dead (Deluxe Version)Rock00:03:58123 War Child [Explicit]
El DoradoDeath Cab for CutieKintsugiAlternative00:03:38150 El Dorado
Dancing on NailsWe are HarlotWe are HarlotRock00:02:40160 Dancing On Nails
DenialWe are HarlotWe are HarlotRock00:04:08166 Denial
Usual Suspects [Explicit]Hollywood UndeadDay of the Dead (Deluxe Version)Rock00:03:47174 Usual Suspects [Explicit]
One More NightWe are HarlotWe are HarlotRock00:03:21181 One More Night
Tell Me WhyThree Days GraceHumanRock00:03:30160 Tell Me Why
The Ghosts of Beverly DriveDeath Cab for CutieKintsugiAlternative00:04:04155 The Ghosts Of Beverly Drive
I Am MachineThree Days GraceHumanRock00:03:21150 I Am Machine
Little WandererDeath Cab for CutieKintsugiAlternative00:04:19117 Little Wanderer