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Playlist Title: The Zutons Sport Mix
Genre: Rock

Duration: 00:33:06   Approx. Distance: 3.0 miles presents the Zutons, a really fun band from the UK. All of the songs on The Zutons' album, Who Killed the Zutons?, are perfect for warmup through high-paced running. Match your running pace to a beats-per-minute range of 98 for warming up to a peak of 183 and back down to a cool-down tempo of 106. The set begins with fairly sedate tunes and builds to solid rock by the time you're cookin'. We've selected 10 of the 13 songs to last 33.1 minutes.

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Tune Artist Album Genre Time BPM Links to iTunes Amazon MP3 Downloads
ConfusionThe ZutonsWho Killed the Zutons?Rock00:03:3198ôLink
RailroadThe ZutonsWho Killed the Zutons?Rock00:03:37155ôLink
Zuton FeverThe ZutonsWho Killed the Zutons?Rock00:03:06165ôLink
Pressure PointThe ZutonsWho Killed the Zutons?Rock00:03:15174ôLink
Dirty DancehallThe ZutonsWho Killed the Zutons?Rock00:04:07178ôLink
Moons and Horror ShowsThe ZutonsWho Killed the Zutons?Rock00:02:36183ôLink
Long Time ComingThe ZutonsWho Killed the Zutons?Rock00:02:18172ôLink
Havana Gang BrawlThe ZutonsWho Killed the Zutons?Rock00:04:30165ôLink
Remember MeThe ZutonsWho Killed the Zutons?Rock00:03:18156ôLink
You Will You Won'tThe ZutonsWho Killed the Zutons?Rock00:02:54106ôLink