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The JogTunes Indie Podcast #109 (35 Min) Rhythm Child

September 30th, 2014

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The 109th episode of the The JogTunes Indie Podcast is up for running, cycling, and other BPM matching exercise. To experience and enjoy running and working out exactly to the beat of great indie music, please subscribe to the The JogTunes Indie Podcast or get the MP3. You can subscribe to it directly in iTunes by clicking here: .

Or access it with 2 taps using the JogTunes app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on the App Store and on our Android app in Google Play.

Rhythm Child at White House

Rhythm Child at the White House

Welcome to this special episode of the JogTunes Indie Podcast. It’s mostly for the kids, with some great tempos for big folks as well.

Since 2003, Norm Jones, as Rhythm Child, has brought a new kind of music to kids and their parents. With an emphasis on rhythm and percussion, Rhythm Child sends messages to kids about good behavior, having fun, and handling tough situations.

JogTunes brings you 9 great Rhythm Child tunes with tempos that are perfect for running to the beat.

So parents — you can play these songs to motivate your kids to get up and running for great exercise and fitness. Be sure the kids are fit for speed. It’s not crucial that they match the fast tempos. The key is to move and have fun.

Hey kids — you can match the beat of these songs with your feet. It’s great fun. Dr. Bob helps you out during the show.

The BPM range is from 141 to 182.

My thanks goes to Heather and Norm Jones of the Rhythm Child Network for their generosity in providing the music for this special episode.

More thanks goes to the talented Troy Warden for his great intro.

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This Episode's Playlist

Tune Artist Album Genre Time BPM Music
iTunes Amazon MP3 Downloads Other
The StoryRhythm ChildDrum Circle Sing-a-LongPop00:04:36141iTunes Store
Drum Circle Sing-a-Long - Album Only Website
KUMBAYA Rhythm ChildDrum Circle Sing-a-LongPop00:02:57160iTunes Store
Drum Circle Sing-a-Long - Album OnlyWebsite
Everybody Is The OneRhythm ChildEat A Bowl Of CherriesPop00:03:17166iTunes Store
Eat a Bowl of Cherries - Album OnlyWebsite
MisunderstandingsRhythm ChildEat A Bowl Of CherriesPop00:02:20170iTunes Store
Eat a Bowl of Cherries - Album OnlyWebsite
5 Little MonkeysRhythm ChildDrum Circle Sing-a-LongPop00:02:03181iTunes Store
Drum Circle Sing-a-Long - Album OnlyWebsite
Riding On The BusRhythm ChildEat A Bowl Of CherriesPop00:04:09182Music AlleyiTunes Store
Eat a Bowl of Cherries - Album OnlyWebsite
Bird and the DragonRhythm ChildDrum Circle Sing-a-LongPop00:04:24178iTunes Store
Drum Circle Sing-a-Long - Album OnlyWebsite
Bowl Of CherriesRhythm ChildEat A Bowl Of CherriesPop00:03:56168Music AlleyiTunes Store
Eat a Bowl of Cherries - Album Only Website
Can We Still Be Friends?Rhythm ChildEat A Bowl Of CherriesPop00:03:42151iTunes Store
Eat a Bowl of Cherries - Album Only Website



The JogTunes Indie Podcast is a 30 to 60 minute podcast that's meant to be “run to.” By that we mean it’s intended to be listened to while you’re running.

Well, that was the original intent. Turns out, most indoor cyclist, aquarunners, users of stairmasters, ellipticals and mini-trampolines, and even swimmers, may find these shows great for working out exactly to the tempos of indie music.

The songs are selected and sequenced solely for working out exactly to the beat of the music. The shows begin with a brief introduction and a warm-up tune usually in the 110-130 BPM range. This is followed by a series of tunes that begins in the 140-150 range and usually peaks with tunes in the BPM range of 170-185. The sequence slows back down to a cool-down in the 110-130 range.

Some episodes may have a "sprint segment" which follows a cool-down tune at around 15 minutes toward the end of the episode. This segment is a short, fast set that ends with a final cool-down track. Some users may need to keep their workout short and stop with the first cool-down while others may want to complete the full episode.

Dr. Bob, the founder of, is the producer and host. He provides introductions to the songs along with the BPM details.

The indie artists' tunes are podsafe and come from many resources. Our main, podsafe, tune-download resources are the Mevio's Music Alley and the Independent Online Distribution Alliance (IODA)'s promonet and Ariel's Cyber PR. Dr. Bob finds many bands and tunes from other podcasters' shows. Listings of these shows can be found on sites such as The Alliance for Music Podcasting,, Mevio, and, of course, the iTunes Music Store. There are also many websites that are dedicated to indie music and provide lists of bands and their works. Finally, many of the bands have promoters who announce new tunes and albums by email. This is a great way to come across some fine indie music.

Most of the tunes on the playlists are available via our links to the iTunes Music Stores in the US, the UK, Irelend, Canada, and Japan. Some of the songs can be purchased by clicking on links to Amazon/MP3, the Podsafe Music Network (PMN) or through links to the artists' and/or their promoters' websites.

Cyber PR

We play many artists promoted by Cyber PR. Here's more:

Ariel Publicity, a Music PR firm with an 11-year history of delivering results for independent musicians has recently launched a new service to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the Music Business. It's called Cyber PR and it works like a matchmaking site for artists that expose you to online PR opportunities. Click here for details.

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