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The JogTunes Indie Podcast #38 (30 Minutes) – Reggae Part II – Louinel Jean

September 15th, 2009

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A year and 1/2 ago I published my first predominantly reggae episode and it ranked high on my download stats. Reggae is just plain easy and fun to run to. On this show, not only do I bring reggae to the forefront again but I feature an outstanding musician, composer, producer, and humanitarian, Louinel Jean.

Jean is a Haitian who moved to Jamaica in 1998. A man of deep compassion, Jean composes and performs music that not only entertains but inspires and informs. He calls for us to be our best and to be sensitive to the hardship of others, especially children.

Other tunes not included in this show keenly increase our awareness oif injustice. Check out two outstanding works on this theme: Darfur Outcry on and Justice on iTunes.

Jean first graced my show on episode #23 and then again on #33 with 3 of his most popular works. On this episode, I replay these tunes along with 2 newer Louinel Jean tracks, and tunes by 4 other artists in the reggae and dub traditions.

Louinel Jean
Louinel Jean’s Bio

Here’s the artist list:

Louinel Jean – 5 songs

Dubmatix – A remix of a John Brown’s Body tune

Bitty McLean

Scott Turchin

Dubtrak – Intro continued as outro

As always, I advise runners to be careful not to exceed your maximum heart rate, especially on the faster tunes.

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Thanks for pace-running with me. I welcome your comments. Please send them to comments at, post them on our facebook fan page, or send me a tweet.

Dr. Bob

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This Episode's Playlist

Tune Artist Album Genre BPM Apple Music - iTunes Amazon MP3 Downloads Other
My GirlLouinel Jean/JprojectMy Girl - EPReggae176New link coming. Please search for track in iTunesMy GirlPage on
MaximizeLouinel Jean/ JprojectSingle trackReggae157New link coming. Please search for track in iTunesArtist's Album, My Girl, in Amazon but not this tune. Website Contact artist for purchase options.
ImagineLouinel Jean/ JprojectSingleReggae163New link coming. Please search for track in iTunesImagine Website
Skinbeat Skanking (Music Is the Language Choice)DubtrakDubtrak Assault Unit Reggae114New link coming. Please search for track in iTunesSkinbeat Skanking (Music Is the Language Choice) Website
The Gold (Dubmatix Runnin' Remix)John Brown's Body/DubmatixRe-AmplifyReggae158New link coming. Please search for track in iTunesThe Gold (Dubmatix Runnin' Remix) John Brown's Body's Website - Dubmatix's Website - Webpage on IODA's Promonet
Payi l'anmouLouinel JeanSingle TrackReggae163New link coming. Please search for track in iTunesArtist's Album, My Girl, in Amazon but not this tune.Website - Song on Garageband
The Real ThingBitty McLeanThe Real Thing - SingleReggae164New link coming. Please search for track in iTunesThe Real Thing Website - Webpage on IODA's Promonet
Always LoveScott TurchinRiver Can CryReggae145New link coming. Please search for track in iTunesAlways Love Website
Amplify My LoveLouinel Jean/ JprojectSingle TrackReggae104New link coming. Please search for track in iTunesArtist's Album, My Girl, in Amazon but not this tune. Website Contact artist for purchase options.



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