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The JogTunes Indie Podcast #39 (30 + 15 Minutes) – Add Fuel to the Mix

September 30th, 2009

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In this episode, I introduce a great new BPM-running, music website from the UK, Their original tracks are well produced and highly motivating. I’ve mixed four AudioFuel tracks with the usual JTIP fare to provide refreshingly new introductions to new tempo segments. I hope you enjoy it. If you like what you hear, come on over to the AudioFuel page of my website,, where you’ll find all of their offerings and purchase links. Be sure to enter jogtunes5 in the code box when you order AudioFuel to get a discount on all AudioFuel tracks.

I’m grateful to the Electronic Eel Indie Electronic Music Record Label, Ariel’s CyberPR Indie Music Promotion Company, and individual artists for podplay permission.

Here are the artists and the BPMs of their tunes:

From the UK:

  • AudioFuel Running Music – 155, 160, 165, and 170 BPM
  • From CyberPR:

  • Emmet Swimming – 174 BPM
  • Steve McLeodn – 150 and 164
  • The Kathy Fleischmann Band – 161 and 163
  • CupĂ©ro – 147 and 153
  • From Electronic Eel:

  • City Rain – 116
  • Direct from artist:

  • Alexx Calise – 157
  • As always, I welcome your comments. Please send them to comments at, post them on our facebook fan page, or send me a tweet.

    Your financial support is, of course, always welcome. Please see the support section on our home page and the store page for details. There you’ll find three special talk-free episodes of the JTIP. They come as MP3s and enhanced files with chapter headings and album art, and they’re only $5.00. You might also check out our Apple Nike + iPod Sport Kit page.

    Thanks for working out with me and enjoy the music!

    Dr. Bob

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    This Episode's Playlist

    Tune Artist Album Genre BPM Apple Music - iTunes Amazon MP3 Downloads Other
    This I Will Remember (Original)City RainI Remember EPAlternative116New link coming. Please search for track in iTunesThis I Will Remember (Original) Website
    La SombraCuperoCupero EPLatin153New link coming. Please search for track in iTunesLa Sombra Website
    Accomplish- mentsThe Kathy Fleischmann BandThe Second Took Even LongerRock161New link coming. Please search for track in iTunesAccomplish- ments Website
    TulsaThe Kathy Fleischmann BandThe Second Took Even LongerRock163New link coming. Please search for track in iTunesTulsa Website
    Out of SightAlexx CaliseSingle TrackRock157New link coming. Please search for track in iTunesAlexx Calise on Amazon but not this track. Website Contact artist for purchase options.
    I've Got Your NumberCuperoCupero EPRock147New link coming. Please search for track in iTunesI've Got Your Number Website
    Unknown AfternoonSteve McLeodHuman UniformRock164New link coming. Please search for track in iTunesUnknown Afternoon Website
    Waving at CarsEmmet SwimmingBathing in the New Economy [EP]Alternative174New link coming. Please search for track in iTunesWaving at Cars Website
    Winter LoveSteve McLeodHuman UniformAlternative150New link coming. Please search for track in iTunesWinter Love Website
    I Remember (Aligning Minds & Mussk Remix)Output- message & City RainI Remember EPAlternative116New link coming. Please search for track in iTunesI Remember (Aligning Minds & Mussck Remix) Output- message's Website - City Rain's Website - Aligning Minds' Website
    Movin Groovin 155 BPMAudioFuel Running MusicBlazeAlternative155New link coming. Please search for track in iTunes08 Movin Groovin 155 BPM AudioFuel Page for Ordering and Discounts
    Move, Alright! 160 BPMAudioFuel Running MusicBlazeAlternative160New link coming. Please search for track in iTunes04 Move Alright 160 BPM AudioFuel Page for Ordering and Discounts
    do dat 'n' der 165 BPMAudioFuel Running MusicBlazeAlternative165New link coming. Please search for track in iTunes03 Do Dat N Der 165 BPM AudioFuel Page for Ordering and Discounts
    Oscar's Chop 170 BPMAudioFuel Running MusicRocks OffAlternative170New link coming. Please search for track in iTunes03 Oscars Chop 170 BPM AudioFuel Page for Ordering and Discounts



    The JogTunes Indie Podcast is a 30 to 50 minute podcast for runners who enjoy matching the beat of great indie music.

    It turns out, many indoor cyclist, aquarunners, users of stairmasters, ellipticals and mini-trampolines, and even swimmers, also find these shows great for tempo workouts.

    The songs are selected and sequenced solely for working out exactly to the beat of the music. The shows begin with a brief introduction and a warm-up tune usually in the 110-130 BPM range. This is followed by a series of tunes that begins in the 140-150 range and usually peaks with tunes in the BPM range of 170-185. The sequence slows back down to a cool-down in the 110-130 range.

    Some episodes may have a "sprint segment" which follows a cool-down tune at around 15 minutes toward the end of the episode. This segment is a short, fast set that ends with a final cool-down track. Some users may need to keep their workout short and stop with the first cool-down while others may want to complete the full episode.

    Dr. Bob, the founder of, is the producer and host. He provides introductions to the songs along with the BPM details.

    The indie artists' tunes are podsafe and come from many resources. Among the podsafe, tune-download resources are Music Clout, Music Gateway, Musicpage, Blue Soap Music PR and Plugging, and Cyber PR. Dr. Bob also finds many bands and tunes via email from the artists and/or their promoters.

    Most of the tunes on the playlists are available via our links to the iTunes Music Stores and links to Amazon/MP3, or through links to the artists' and/or their promoters' websites.

    Cyber PR

    We play many artists promoted by Cyber PR. Here's more:

    Ariel Publicity, a Music PR firm with an 11-year history of delivering results for independent musicians has recently launched a new service to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the Music Business. It's called Cyber PR and it works like a matchmaking site for artists that expose you to online PR opportunities. Click here for details.


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    We developed our apps with the excellent help and support of AppMakr.


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