JogTunes – Store – Nike + Sport Kitor other compatible shoes with a place for the sensor

Here are some features that impressed me:
The voiced notifications of duration and distance of workout segments.
The voiced rewards praising you on accomplishments such as longest run.
The functionality of the software.
Here are some comments regarding the use of the Sport Kit:
You can’t see the screen of the nano very well in daylight but the voice prompts are sufficient to keep you informed of your progress during your run. Besides the automatic progress reports, you can get and update anytime by pressing the center button.
You can set up new templates for workouts, like “45 minute workout”, “320 calorie workout”, or “3 mile workout”, but these templates cannot be erased. Only the specific workouts themselves can be erased by holding down the center button to pull up a menu and scrolling to erase.
To adjust the volume while you’re running, it may be easier to pause the workout by pressing the start/pause button and then adjusting the volume. Scrolling the wheel to adjust the volume while the workout is in progress may result in inadvertent clicks on the menu or fast forward/back buttons.
While running to The JogTunes Indie Podcast or other shows with voice content, it’s probably better to use the “Basic Workout” template. This eliminates the automatic time and distance progress voiced comments that interrupt podcast content when you use the time or distance workout templates.
–Dr. Bob