Our Goal

JogTunes has been created with the purpose of helping runners get the most out of their runs. We do this by helping you decide on the best products that can be used to get the most engagement out of your run. Not only this, but JogTunes also provides motivation to enjoy your runs more to remain consistent and ultimately get better.

Some ways JogTunes aims to help runners:

1. JogTunes provides music suitable for running and jogging. 

JogTunes carefully selects various tracks from popular artists that are analyzed in terms of BPM (beats-per-minute) and this directly relates to your running cadence or rather, SPM (steps-per-minute).

By selecting tunes that have a suitable tempo catered to your steps you can run synchronously with the music to help you keep a consistent pace and motivate you more to stay connected to your running goals. 

Typically the ideal BPM range is 120 to 140 for a jog and around 140 to 180 BPM for an all-out effort. If you’re trying to increase your SPM (steps-per-minute) and become a better runner then the ideal range is to aim as close to 180 BPM as possible. 

A GPS running watch can clearly show you your current cadence however if this isn’t something that you have readily available you can find your cadence by following the below process the next time you go for a run:

  1. Count the number of times your right foot hits the ground in 60 seconds
  2. Double this number
  3. This is your running cadence or SPM (steps-per-minute)

You now have a basis that you can use to find music based on BPM that is suitable for your running cadence.

You can check out our list of the best running and jogging tracks and sort them by your preferred BPM. We provide links to iTunes and Amazon Music so you can sample the best tracks and build your ultimate running playlist. If music isn’t your ideal you can also check out our regularly updated best podcasts and get some knowledge collected.

Note: Most recreational runners will have a cadence between 150 to 170 BPM with 180 BPM being the steps-per-minute of most advanced runners.

Disclaimer: JogTunes provides suggestions to music that is suitable for a variety of BPM’s. JogTunes generally provides a link for iTunes, Amazon or another affiliate partner where you can purchase this music and build a playlist. We may earn a small commission each time you purchase a song on these platforms. JogTunes doesn’t provide any direct access to these tunes and it is only available through our affiliate partners that we’re connecting to. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

2. JogTunes provides runners with resources to become better.

As mentioned above, GPS running watches have features such as providing you with your running cadence. Not only this, but some of them have the ability to store and play music directly to your headphones. 

We aim to provide our readers with guides, reviews, tips and tricks in particular running products that can help you get the most out of your run such as running shoes, headphones and of course, GPS watches

We also have a page that is dedicated to the best podcasts for running that is constantly updated. These podcasts are perfect for runners as they provide heaps of knowledge in becoming better runners. They provide self-improvement tips as well as research and studies around training techniques and diets used by professional or recreational runners.  

We regularly post to our blog as well, where you can find motivation through the experience of other runners as well as guides and tips to become a better one yourself.

Our blog editor, Marko has completed a trail marathon and is a regular recreational runner that loves to run in style with the right running music as well as gear to capture key metrics such as GPS watches.

As such Marko has a passion in reviewing and testing these products and shares his findings with the visitors at the JogTunes blog.

If you’re interested, Marko has also written a guide on how to choose your first pair of running shoes, a great spot for beginners.

We feel that the best way to become better runners is to share our experiences so that new runners can find easy access to information. If you have a story to share or an experience with running please contact us as we’d love to feature you.