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The JogTunes Indie
Podcast is
a 30 to 60 minute
podcast that’s meant to
be “run to.”
By that we mean it’s
intended to be listened
to while you’re
Well, that was the original intent. Turns out, most indoor cyclist, aquarunners, users of
stairmasters, ellipticals and mini-trampolines, and even swimmers, may find these
shows great for working out exactly to the tempos of indie music.
The songs are selected
and sequenced solely
for working out exactly
to the beat of the
music. The shows begin
with a brief introduction
and a warm-up tune usually
in the 110-130 BPM
range. This is followed
by a series
of tunes
that begins in the
140-150 range and
usually peaks with
tunes in the BPM range
of 170-185. The sequence
slows back down to
a cool-down in the
110-130 range.
Some episodes may have a “sprint segment” which follows a cool-down tune at around 15 minutes toward
the end of the episode. This segment is a short, fast set that ends with a final cool-down track. Some users may need to keep their workout short and stop with the first cool-down while others may want to complete the full episode.
Dr. Bob, the founder of
JogTunes.com, is the producer and host.
He provides introductions
to the songs along
with the BPM details.
The indie artists’ tunes come from many resources. The main, podsafe, tune-download resources are the Podsafe
Music Network (PMN) and the Independent Online Distribution Alliance (IODA)’s promonet .
Dr. Bob finds many bands and tunes from other podcasters’ shows. Listings of these shows can be found on sites such as The Alliance for Music Podcasting , blubrry.com , Podshow.com , and, of course, the iTunes Music Store. There are also many websites that are dedicated
to indie music and provide lists of bands and their works. Finally,
many of the bands have promoters who announce new tunes and albums by email. This is a great way to come across some fine indie music.