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Everyone knows that listening
to music makes exercising
more fun. Have you ever
noticed that it’s even more fun when the tempo of
your music matches your
running pace? But how do you find a set
of tunes with beats-per-minute
(BPMs) that match your unique
running pace? That’s
where we come in. JogTunes
makes it easy for you to
match your favorite music
with your perfect workout.
Whether you run on
trails, running tracks, or treadmills, you’ll find
the right music at jogTunes.
One word of caution:
When we use the word “pace”,
we’re not referring
to your heart rate.
Matching songs to your heart
rate may be risky. We are talking about matching
tempos of songs to your running pace in steps per minute.
Moderate to fast tempos
may motivate you to run
at unsafe paces for your
health status and/or age.
Please consult your physician
if you have any medical
concerns before running
exactly to the beat of
moderate and fast tempo
Also, it’s wise
to know the recommended maximum heart rate for your age. If you’re new to strenuous exercise, seriously consider
wearing a pulse monitor while you run.
Let’s make a BPM running playlist:
calculate your own
workout pace in beats-per-minute (= steps per minute). We provide sample
pace tracks with instructions to help you do this.
Once you know your workout running or jogging pace,
select your tunes from our Tunes
list by browsing or using the search
fields. The BPM field will
help you the most. Click
on the links to iTunes Music
Store to listen, order,
and download the tunes to your iTunes Library.
Next, make a new playlist file in the left column of your iTunes window. You can call it “BPM Runset” or whatever.
Then drag the tunes from the
Library to a new playlist
and put them in a BPM and time sequence
that matches your workout. Be sure there are BPM and Time columns
in the playlist. If you don’t see them, right-click (or control-click on a Mac)
anyplace in the playlist header and then choose BPM and/or Time.
Alternatively, you can download our prepared playlists as iMixes from the iTunes
Music Store. Just click here to see our playlists.
Finally, sync your player with the music store program and you’re up and running.

Here’s a sample workout sequence to help you out:
Sample Workout Sequence