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Welcome to our JTIP Store. This is the place to get special edition audio and multimedia, regular and enhanced, BPM exercise indie music files for your individual workout needs.
Why are these offerings so special?. Many people enjoy our podcasts but want added value in many different forms. One is the the enhanced format. This format is unique to Apple, Inc. products and only works on the video iPods and It displays images allows chapter selection. If you want to see the song titles and associated BPMs or if you want to go to the artist’s website, check out the images associated with the songs. You can do this on video iPods and in iTunes. Also, if you want to modify your workout sequence, you can press the forward or back button on audio-only and video iPods and move to another tune. This way you can shorten or lengthen your workout, move to a faster or slower song, or repeat a song that you really enjoyed.
Another special feature is a single BPM range. For example, we’ll be compiling tunes with BPMs in the 150 to 160 range for moderate workouts and 160-170. We also expect to address the needs of walkers and fast walkers with songs in the 110 to 140 ranges.
We invite you to send us more ideas for specialized versions of our podcast. Please email us a comments at
Our first offering is THE JOGTUNES SPECIAL EDITION PODCAST #1. We present 15 indie vocal and instrumental tunes without commentary, compiled on one multimedia file, and sequenced by BPMs, for a perfect 1 hr workout. There’s an enhanced version (only for iPod owners) and an MP3. Please click on “Buy” and send an email telling us which version you would prefer. We’ll then email the link to the file as soon as possible.
You can listen to most of the songs on the 15th episode of the JogTunes Indie Podcast. Why get the Special Edition? It’s enhanced and it’s talk-free!
Here are the artists and their websites: